The Smith Commission

…and a ‘Thank You’ to our continental and international neighbours.

Last Thursday I e-mailed my submission to the Smith Commission whole day before the deadline. I’m sure my teachers and professors would be proud. You can click that link to read it if you are interested. Compared to most, it is quite reserved and limited, and I’m sure my views will change in the coming weeks and months as I’m told why I’m wrong, but for the moment, this is what I stand.

Also, I’d like to thank the 5 Germans and 7 Americans who were interested in reading about where I thought the Scottish Labour Party should go. I don’t know why you are interested, but I appreciate it none the less. The contest – or contests, now that the deputy position has opened up – hasn’t really begun yet but I am sure I’ll have something to say when it does. But just now,I’ll repeat what I said when I saw that poll.

I stand by that all the more 3 days later.

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