@loveandgarbage 2014 Christmas (not so) Live-Blog

@Loveandgarbage has launched his annual “What did I get for Christmas” Quiz.
He’s tweeted a barcode for a hint:

Throughout the day(s) we’ll be updating this blog on progress. – The original quiz was solved by @ChrisBrookes. It was “The Happiest days of your life”.

Now there’s a game of charades.

1655: The first word has one syllable and the title has no punctuation in it.

1650: Just when I thought it was safe – we’ve got a game of on-line charades on the go. All that’s known is:

1227: Just a reminder to people that it’s not The Best of Lynard Skynard, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World nor The Cybermen Collection from the Doctor Who range of compendia.

1224: Since we’re (kinda) live-blogging the quiz, I’m marching on until it’s over or ended. If you’re still wanting to take a guess, @nuttyxander offers you some help on how to ‘read’ barcodes:

1219: Well done to @ChrisBrooke who got the right answer first. Also congratulations to Scottish Twitter favourite @HelenMilburn, who was about 10 minutes behind. You both win #NaePrizes.

1215: WE HAVE A WINNER. “The Happiest Days of Your Life” – which you can get a bit more info on here. But that’s not over. Tradition dictates that the quiz goes on until people stop guessing…we may still be here for a few hours.

1213: Very long “ooooh” here. Bells of St. Trinians could be significant…maybe? Then again…maybe not.

1159: Joyce Grenfell features (but to what extent is unknown).

1156: it’s CONFIRMED that its not a Tour DVD of a Modern Comedian. ALSO, it may, be a Doctor Who DVD (but not the series 8 box set), but specificity is needed.

1154: people are STILL moaning about the barcode. The barcode’s a run-of-the-mill, bog standard bar code. Deal with it.

1153: No-one has yet mentioned “The Rutles and All you need is Cash“. More on this situation as it develops.

1150: Fridays may come into it generally, but a tough line’s now being taken on “general guesses”. Keep with the spirit of the game folks, please.

1146: In a BIG CLUE: The DVD was released in 2009.

1144: It’s not a biopic.

1140: We also now know it is a UK production with a UK cast. Also, something’s going to happen after a week…but the asked has their tweets on private – so that can be a wee sub-game is you like.

1137: It’s also not glee.

1136: Well, prunes aren’t a feature of the DVD, and he doesn’t think it’s based on a work of literature. If he’s wrong about that though, we may have grounds for appeal.

1132: Hello everyone. It’s just shy of 12,so it’s time to restart the “@loveandgarbage “What Did I Get for Christmas” Christmas Quiz 2014″. Guesses have been rolling in from about 9am this morning so lets see what went on.

Day 2 – 26th December 2014

End of Day 1

2306: The quiz is done for the night, so I’m gonna shut the blog for the night too. I’ll be back tomorrow to see if we get any further. I’ve been @pashanky, and now go and enjoy Christmas.

2239: But remember, it keeps going until it’s guessed…and possibly a little longer.

2234: It’s closing in, but not looking likely to be solved tonight, but a reminder that it is doable!

2227: Finally for now, it’s possibly a comedy DVD (but no guarantees) – but not a comedian’s tour DVD.

2219: What’s also known is that it’s at least a year old and something @loveandgarbae asked for.

2216: It’s not Spanish. This much is known.

2213: I’m back after my Christmas Dinner and post-Dinner Scrabble Game (I won). Let’s see where we are.

1643: For avoidance of doubt, its a EAN-13 Barcode…because some people were confused by a picture of a barcode.

1639: Someone tried to get clever though “duality of textual suggestion”.

You know what we say to that…

1537: It seems that the first signs of Hysteria have set in. Some poeple are now literally naming the Barcode.

1423: I’m post soup now, and still no good guesses.

1334: It’s a single DVD. That’s confirmed.

1329: We know it’s not Fly-fishing by J. R. Hartley, a box of Tampons, nor a Plastic version of Alex Salmond.


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