Merry Fresh Annum…

…or a Happy New Year and doing something different, without knowing exactly what it is.


Firstly, Happy New Year.

Secondly, I now have a new laptop which doesn’t overheat within the hour and force a shut-down, so I hope to pick-up the blogging here now, with a few new case notes coming shortly. I cannot fully express how irritating limited blogging-access was during the Carmichael Case.

Thirdly, my ability to blog again has inspired me to start something and she how it goes. 2016Shanky is a blog I’ve started as a public on-line diary. I have, since I started University attempted to keep a paper diary, but every year, I fail miserably.

I should have kept one last year. The 2015 General Election, the end of University, People I met; Friendships I made; things that happened to me and others; I should have recorded them to look back on. And others to look back on. My kids and grandkids (should I ever have them) could hear stories of me having to ask Eddie Izzard to stop speaking to journalists and get in the car that was waiting for him, while being crowded by angry nationalists.

But I never kept a diary.

Now I will try. It’s a public blog I don’t know how that will affect what I write. I don’t know how those who I interact with will like that – I don’t know if they will care, or read it. But, for the time being at least, I will try it. I might not like it…but we’ll see.