The Ern Malley Christmas Quiz 2017

Good Afternoon everyone! Welcome to the “PAShanky ‘Ern Malley Christmas Quiz’ 2017” Live Blog. It’s been on the go since 9am this morning and the live blog starts at midday.

We’re looking for the 8th word in the 27th line on the 3rd randomly selected page of the 23rd book in the 2nd horizontal stack of the rear-left hand pile in Room C which was upstairs in @GeoffShadbold’s home!

Good luck and remember, there’s #NaePrizes!



I’m back after lunch – so let’s check in:

Surprisingly, Stephen Hawking’s Sausage Hypothesis is unhonoured for another year.


Sarah Vine’s tribulations are not giving the answer either.


The word re-set, unusually hyphenated, doesn’t provide the answer either.


There is no Stoat!


There have been rumours that Michael Caine’s word ‘attick’ was the answer. I would like to confirm that these are completely false.


Like previous years, I won’t be showing every wrong answer – you need to go to the timeline for that.

I will, however, show the highlights.


Welcome everyone! You join this quiz already in progress – so where are we?

So far this morning – it’s not the word ‘pork’ Nigella’s Christmas by Nigella; nor is it ‘stuffing’ from Nigella’s Christmas by Nigella, which was a great guess.

We can also rule out the following other words too:
– Improbability from Douglas’ Adams’ THHGTTG
– ‘The’ from William Gibson’s Neuromancer
– That classic ‘Flange’ from Down to Earth: Gardening Wisdom by Monty Don.
– Alex Salmond’s ‘wazzock’ is also not the answer here (The Dream Shall never die)
– ‘Wisp’ from Kenneth Williams narcissistically titled “The Kenneth William’s Diaries” is also wrong

On a legal theme, the answer is also not “subscription” from the Requirements of Writing (Scotland) Act 1995 written by his Great Grettonness.

That’ll do for a run down of the hilights for the time being. Good luck everyone.



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